A Simple Way to Learn Languages that Actually Works

Our Bootcamp Uses the Power of Neuroscience to Help You Learn to Speak a New Language Faster Than You Thought Possible

Unlock Your Brain’s Natural Ability to Have a Conversation in a New Language … in as Little as Two Weeks!

Our Bootcamp Works for People Who:

Don’t have time to learn a new language

Think that translation is too hard and complicated

Struggle with memorizing words and studying every day

Are a total beginner or an advanced speaker

Feel nervous about having conversations in another language or with a native speaker


Can’t stay motivated to learn

Have tried many different methods but has never reached their goals


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“This is a fun way for anyone to discover the secrets of language instruction presented in a conversational, stress-free way – no matter how little time you have.”


Learn any language fast. Like, really fast.

The Power to Learn Spanish Lies Untapped Within Your Mind Right Now

Together with your own personal Spanish coach, you will train your brain to think in Spanish. Rather than memorizing vocabulary or studying grammar rules, you will learn Spanish through conversation. This method works with your brain’s ability to learn, helping you to automatically absorb words, phrases, and ideas into your memory as you see them.

Let’s face it.

You tried managing your time better. You tried studying longer. 

None of it worked.

The Problem

Learning a new language Is Hard: Finding the Time, Doing Translations, Memorizing Words… It’s A LOT!

Have you ever thought that the problem isn’t you? What if it’s just the way you’ve been taught?

We’ve Created an Accelerated Language Learning Program That Will Leave You in Awe

Standard language apps aren’t the only way to learn a new language. We’ve identified the problems with typical learning programs and fixed them. Our Bootcamps combine all the best elements together to help you improve — fast!


Repetitive Memorization

Most language learning programs are based on memorizing basic words, many that you’ll never use in a conversation

Not Speaking Soon Enough

The general flow starts with learning hundreds of vocabulary words, then stringing them together. It takes a long time to learn enough words to start speaking.

No Pronunciation Practice

You spend so much time memorizing words but never making sure you can actually say them. When it’s time to speak, you might know the word to say but it fumbles out of your mouth.


Proprietary Review Algorithm

Instead of learning hundreds of random words at once, our patented method helps you learn faster through the use of short bursts and word association. This breakthrough in memory science helps you build longer-lasting memories of words you won’t soon forget.

Learn What You Want

Your coach will build your lessons around your passions and interests. Instead of generic vocabulary lists, you can choose to learn words and phrases that you can start practicing right away. You can choose to learn how to order food or critique art in a new language — it’s fully up to you!

Speak With a Pro

Your coach trains your brain to think in a new language by engaging you in conversation daily. This helps your ears get used to hearing new sounds and forces you to learn how to properly pronounce words like it’s second nature.

Over 96% of our participants improved their speaking dramatically within the first 12 days.

See Results from Day One

The Spanish Bootcamp Will Bring Results From Day One. Guaranteed.

“I wasn’t very good at learning languages. I found, on the internet, a bunch of ways of learning languages that were really effective, but no one was piecing them together in quite the way that I thought would work best. Fluent Forever is special because it actually works.”

With this method, you can have your Spanish-speaking breakthrough—from day one! This Bootcamp facilitates learning through conversations about topics that are important to you. You don’t have to know all the words in the dictionary to think and speak in your new language.

Gabe Wyner, CEO

This is the result

A New Kind of Breakthrough in Psychology That Says:

Forget your past, forget your feelings of inadequacy, and take full command of a new language TODAY! 

At Fluent Forever, we developed a 10-minute daily habit system that unlocks language skills that are already in you.

In just 10 minutes of practice a day, you’ll learn how to start thinking in a new language. You won’t just be memorizing random words and grammar rules. Our powerful learning method optimizes your brain’s natural ability to learn languages, helping you to become Fluent Forever in no time at all.

Develop the confidence to hold a real conversation in another language with ease. We guarantee you will learn a language and never forget it. 

Learn 10x faster

By choosing what you learn and working with your coach to see how best you learn it, you can improve your fluency overnight. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It really works.

The truth is that it’s totally possible to learn a new language quickly if you combine the right tools and work with them for 10 minutes a day.

Included in Your Bootcamp are These Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1

Access to the Fluent Forever App

It’s the most crowd-funded app in history and it’s yours to use for free during the bootcamp. We’ll load your app full of the sentences you create with your coach.

Bonus #2

One Hour Advanced Language Learning Mastermind Group

Join our group coaching session with Gabe Wyner or one of our highly-qualified experts to ask any question on your mind about language learning, and hear questions asked by other bootcamp participants.

Hear from our founder Gabe Wyner:

Take full command today!

The Fluent Forever Bootcamp Is What We’ve All Been Waiting For

Your Language Coach will give you the tools to take you to the next level. By adding additional coaching days to your Fluent Forever subscription you can dramatically accelerate the speed with which you learn.

Here’s How It Works:

Step #1

Connect with your language coach for 10 minutes each day

During these coaching sessions, you will discuss with your coach why you want to learn a new language so that they can curate your learning experience to match your needs and interests.

Step #2

Your coach will then help you learn how to string conversations together by giving you personalized sentences to review about topics you’re interested in.

Learn sentences and phrases about things that interest you

Step #3

Review your daily coaching inside the Fluent Forever app at your own pace

Those unique sentences will live in your profile on the app—forever! Even after your 12 days are up, you can work on reviewing those sentences whenever you like.

Over 96% of our participants improved their speaking dramatically within the first 12 days.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from learners just like you who are proof that you can learn a new language quickly and easily!

Megan K.

“It’s the best. I absolutely love it. This is the best session yet… this session has exploded my Spanish. Working with Marcelo was amazing! It’s so great to have fluid conversations with him.”


“I have achieved the goal of feeling a lot more confident in the language. I’m able to take the system and apply it… I’m not reliant upon anyone else. It’s very empowering.”

Leah L.

“What I got in this bootcamp was a breakthrough. I was so scared to make a mistake… I’ve lost a lot of that fear of making mistakes and looking stupid. It was fun!”

Frequently Asked Questions


What is “Fluent Forever Live Coaching”?

Fluent Forever Live Coaching is a cloud-based, live language training program. It uses real native speakers as coaches, our proprietary app, and Zoom video conferencing to create an accelerated language learning environment.


Is this a One Time Fee?

Yes! This is a one-time fee for your 12-day Bootcamp experience.


I am not tech-savvy! Can I use this?

Yes! The Bootcamp is newbie-friendly. No special skills required, no learning curve... We have easy, step-by-step instructions that cover all aspects of connecting to your Coach via Zoom.


Will this work on Mac and PC?

Yes! Fluent Forever Live Coaching is 100% cloud-based and works on any internet-connected device. It runs inside your internet browser or through the Zoom video conferencing app so you can access it on any computer with an Internet connection.


How much fluency will I gain in one bootcamp?

Each bootcamp is designed to increase your TrueNorth fluency score up to 10%, and we guarantee that during your first MXU bootcamp you will gain at least one level on your TrueNorth score as long as you participate in the experience fully.


What languages are supported?

We currently offer French and Latin American Spanish and will be adding Castilian Spanish, Japanese, German, and Italian very soon.


What if I’m a complete beginner?

Bootcamp is for all levels - no matter how much (or little) background and exposure you’ve had. Our coaches are knowledgeable and trained in working with all levels, and will tailor the sessions to your abilities so you feel comfortable speaking, but also challenged to push to the next level. 


When can I start?

Bootcamps start every two weeks! Upon registration, you will see a link to schedule an onboarding meeting with a Bootcamp manager where you will receive more detailed information about the program, and pick an available date to start. Registration for every Bootcamp is open until 11:59pm CT on the Wednesday before each start date, and the onboarding meeting must be completed prior to the first day of Bootcamp.


Is the program 12 consecutive days?

Each Bootcamp is designed to be the most immersive language-learning experience you can get from the comfort of your home. To that end, each Bootcamp is a consecutive 12-day program, including optional weekend assignments.


Can I pick the time?

Absolutely! After registering, you’ll be sent a link to our Booking page where you’ll be able to choose a coach and time that works best for you. Currently, most of our sessions take place in the morning (Central Time), but some coaches have afternoon and evening availability. 


Can I have more time with my Coach?

Yes! We offer an upgrade, called Intense, that provides 20-minute daily sessions, doubling the amount of time you'll spend with your Coach each day.


What if I cannot attend a Daily Chat?

Your coach will send you a question of the day with a link to respond via audio or video. You will have 72 hours to answer, and your coach will make sentences for your app based on your response.


Is the content I create available in the app when I finish?

Yes, the sentence flashcards you create will continue to be available in your Fluent Forever app. Sentences to create the flashcards will be available for at least 90 days.

June 6th to June 17th, 2022

Fluent Forever Bootcamp

Get ready to meet with your coach once a week for 20 minutes.  Choose your starting date to get paired with a Fluent Forever coach after you check out. You also get complimentary access to the Fluent Forever app. 

Only $149.00

12 individual coaching sessions with your own personal Spanish coach

Access to the Fluent Forever app during the Bootcamp days (even without a subscription)

All sentences and phrases uploaded to your profile on the Fluent Forever app

An interactive, hour-long Masterclass with Gabe Wyner or other expert guests

Limited spots available - order soon!

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